• To Be A Model
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    Characteristic Traits Required To Be A Model

    Modelling industry is not for the weak. When you look from the surface, it’s like what it needs to be a model is pretty face and nice body proportions. However, it is not that shallow. Sure, there are physical measurements and standard that the industry use to recruit models. For example, you have to be within certain height or weigh to be eligible as a model. There are also other physical qualities that will put you in more favorable position such as symmetrical, angular face, good bone structures, or particular uniqueness. However, you still need characteristics traits that will help you stand out from the crowd and be successful in…

  • Professional Actress
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    Developing Characters To Become Good, Professional Actress

    Everyone has their own dream and passion. One of the most wanted professions is the world is actor or actress. Of course, it is not an easy path to seek. Lots of people say that you have to be good looking to be an actor or actress. It is not entirely true. Yes, it will be more favorable if you are good looking or photogenic because you will look good on screen. However, that’s not the only quality you have to be a good actress. Talent is certainly more important when you pursue a career in acting especially if you want to be a respected actor in the long run.…

  • Characteristics of Good Actress
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    The Characteristics of Good Actress

    Every individual has their own personality traits and characteristics which build them who they are. Personality and characteristics may sound similar but they are different somehow. Personality is something you can see easier from the surface even though it is not always accurate in the first sight. It won’t take longer to find the real personality traits. Personality is easier to identify because it is more shown in every gestures and traits. For example, someone looks eager and confident when communicating with others. They face lit up when they talk and they speak comfortably like they are with old friends. So, it is easy for others to judge that someone…