Characteristics Good Actresses
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Personal Characteristics Good Actresses Possess

It is not hard to fall in love with characters in movies. You fall even harder when the actor or actress can play their character really well like it is real. However, it is not easy to be a good actress or actor. It is not something you can build overnight. To become a well-respected actress, it may takes years.

Being recognized of your talent is not easy in acting industry because there are countless of talented people as well. You need to be standout from the crowd if you want to be recognized. Having handsome or beautiful faces don’t always guarantee your success in acting.

Characteristics Good Actresses
Characteristics Good Actresses

When you see well-respected actors and actresses, you must see they have particular characteristics. Here are several characteristics you can almost always find in a good actress and actor:


Well-seasoned actors and actresses always exude confidence wherever they go. When they talk, walk, or simply stand, they will always look have confidence in another level than average people. Confidence is also good characteristic you should develop if you want to become a good actor or actress. You should show audience that you know what you are doing. The demand in acting field is not a joke. You should be confident enough to overcome vulnerability and anxiety.


You might have seen some actor or actress look lazy, or laid-back. However, it doesn’t define what they do in the backstage. To be a good actor and actress, you need to work hard because it is not easy. If you want to grow into a well-respected actor or actress, you have to work hard in sharpening your talent. You will face many challenges such as playing different characters from one project to another or learning new skill you have never learnt before in your life.

Characteristics Good Actresses
Characteristics Good Actresses

Intelligent is also one of the most common character you see in well-respected actor or actress. During interview, they are so well spoken. They talk like they know many secrets in the world that we don’t. Intelligence is one of qualities and characters that is built throughout the time and experience.

Actors and actresses get used to read and memorize various lines. They also do various researches on the projects they are working on. Thus, they read quite a lot. Therefore, their intelligence will be built eventually. However, it is not kind of intelligence you can learn from formal school. It is more like emotional intelligence, real adept understanding, self-awareness, and knowledge of human behavior.

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