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Characteristics of Different Types of Politician

Characteristics are something you develop throughout the times. There are significant factors that can influence how you grow particular characteristics. For example, you develop hard-working characteristic because your profession runs in fast pace and quite hard challenges environment at If you are lazy, you will be left behind and miss opportunities.

Characteristics are also developed from what you believe. Your mindset play significant role in building your own personal characteristics. Politician also develop particular characteristics that make them different from average people.

Different Types of Politician
Different Types of Politician

There are different types of politician in politics. Each of them has different characteristic traits you can see. Here are some of them:

The authoritarian politician usually develop quintessentially hierarchical. They usually have strong competitiveness especially towards their peers. They are usually more conservative and rule-oriented. They have dominant traits towards their subordinates.

The obsessive compulsive politician usually have characteristics of hard-working, ethical, and driven by perfection. They have professional capabilities and more often than not, they outshine their own personalities. They have great ability in making decision. However, this type of politician is not good in making quick decision. They are better in working with systematical and strategical matters.

The narcissist politician is common. In fact, most politician are narcissist after all.  It is understandable because politician should exude certain image of power. Attention is also important factor because politician should be influential. The best part of this type of politician is that they have strong charisma that drawn people.

The Machiavellian politician has character like a mind reader. They can identify the other’s interest and turn it into something that benefits them. They have calculative characteristic as well. They usually more focus on the process instead of result. They are meticulous and attentive to details. That’s why they are good in making strategies that benefits them.

The paranoid politician has characteristics of secretive, calculative, and depend more on intuition. Those characteristics are not always good to posses by politician because relying fully on intuition instead of logic sometime bring disaster instead. The good thing of those character is having doubt so every decision will be made based on calculative risks.

Those are just examples of politician types. However, not every politician can fit those categories accurately. If you are planning to become a good politician, you have to possess positive characteristics such as flexibility, good leadership, confidence, integrity, compassion, and honesty. Those characters can be built and developed if you are willing to do so.

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