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6 Types of Personality of Musician Based On the Music Genres

The music has been connected to the psychology of the listeners and even the personality of a musician. The music genre is often related closely to personality. Music taste is then connected to some aspects of personality by the respondents. The result is that the particular music genres represent most of the characterized types. These are some kinds of those personalities based on the music genres.

  1. 40s Pop Top Music 

Do you love listening to easy listening pop songs including to top 40 charts? You may belong to the type of personality. The musician or people loving this music genre are hardworking, loving to socialize, gentle, and knowing how to love yourself. However, if you love this music genre, you don’t have more creativity. You also get difficult to think to relax. It makes you look boring because you don’t have creativity and innovation.

hardworking and gentle
hardworking and gentle
  1. Electronic Dance Music 

The next music genre representing your personality is EDM or Electronic Dance Music. EDM, trip-hop, IDM, or dubstep belong to the most played music genre on the radio or Spotify application. This music has a shocking rhythm and encouraging your spirit. This music is usually chosen by the people loving interacting in socializing and having high creativity. However, lovers of dance music are also less gentle. People tend to be reasonable and logical.

high creativity
high creativity
  1. Classical Music 

Classical music becomes a soft and gentle music genre. It is often listened to by pregnant mothers. The personality of the musician loving listening to this music looks more introverted to the surrounding environment. Classical melody in this music genre doesn’t mean that you have an old taste of the music. The fans of classical music belong to the people having high self-confidence and creativity. If you belong to an introvert category and are very creative, you surely love this music.

  1. Rap Music 

Rap music songs are well known due to the simple lyrics and dynamic music melodies. If you love listening to the music composed by the rappers such as Eminem, Drake, or Timbaland. The big possibility is that you are a sociable person but you look more arrogant.

  1. Jazz Music 

Are you a fan of jazz music? Watching jazz music shows and performances will be the most fun activity to do. If you love jazz music, it means that you are a group of creative people knowing about respecting and regarding yourself. The jazz lovers are usually outgoing and relaxing.

outgoing and relaxing
outgoing and relaxing
  1. Rock Music 

These Rock music is mostly identified as violence, depression, drugs, and negative matters. But, did you know that the lovers of this music genre have a sensitive personality? It seems to be the opposite of rock music characters. They usually have creativity and a relaxing personality but they have low pride in themselves. There is also a lack of hardworking and less socializing.

Those are some types of the personality of a musician based on the music genres that they listen and love. It can describe one’s personality from the music genres. It is a unique matter to determine and identify it.

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